5 Treasures Slot Machine

After initial playing this 'brand-new' Las Vegas fruit machine, you may, like me, get a minor feeling of REMEMBRANCE, if that occurs I don't condemn you, as this is much from an original game. 5 Treasures is more or less simply an updated version of the preferred 88 Fortunes game. It utilizes most of the very same technicians, exactly the very same special dynamic reward linked perk round as well as is likewise Oriental themed.

If you simply cannot get your fill of Chinese flavoured port game titles, big modern possible prizes and also you enjoy 88 Fortune's Fu Bat Child pick-win incentive round, will 5 Treasures have anything new to supply you or will it merely sit awkwardly in the darkness of its older bro?

Allow's rotate those five energetic reels as well as learn just what this brand-new game gives the Chinese banquet table, on the surface with an 8.80 max wager and also 243 means to win, it's still the very same title, does it have hidden keys?


Like the previous lot of money video game this title complies with a typical Oriental tone, especially a Chinese pets style in this situation, as well as the reels as well as overhead pay-table display are overflowing with Asian meaning, vibrant icons, traditional wind tool sounds results as well as songs. The cupboard, apart from very little modernisation in display high quality, is mostly unmodified though there was truly absolutely nothing wrong with the old one and it's difficult to critique re-using its basic setup.

The reel icons as well as pay signs themselves are all brand-new for this game, disallowing the ubiquitous A-9 playing card symbols which form the low pay symbols on the video game, you will certainly discover no less than nine greater pay symbols illustrating various ancient Chinese animals, a taken care of wild tapestry as well as a bonus offer spin activating scatter which takes the form of a guard.

Gameplay & Quality

The first reward is unchanged from the 88 video game, Pick up 3 or even more of the shield scatters at max wager to go into the Fu Bat bonus offer round, here you will discover 12 gold coins to choose from, each choice discloses a Fu Bat infant and you continue picking till you match 3 of the adorable asian youngsters. There are four different infants readily available each relating to one of the four jackpots, Mini, Minor, Major, & Grand. At base degree these are 10, 25, 800 and also 10,000 debts specifically so if you only hit the base small jackpot at an 8.80 max wager, you could feel a little short-changed, we hoped this had been modified for the brand-new game however sadly not.

The second incentive is all brand-new nonetheless as well as activates with the scatters, however at any bet degree. This through a cost-free spins round with volatility selectable wilds. When the round initiates the video game name suddenly makes sense, you have 5 icons to choose from, the higher value icons will certainly show up much less usually whilst at the lower pay end they will be more constant in the spins round, this provides the gamer an almost gamble like feature where they could choose to risk their totally free spins on a potential big reward or not.


In all honesty, this game is better marketed as a new 88 lot of money game with improved bonus features. If you place both games alongside, in addition to the reel icons they are nearly similar in design, structure, gameplay as well as audio. The new bonus round is nice and also 5 Treasures is a very good video game, as after all it is the already great 88 game with even more added. All Bally should do is call it just what it is, a substitute for a much loved and also age-old port title.

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  • 5 Treasures Slot Machine

    After initial playing this 'brand-new' Las Vegas fruit machine, you may, like me, get a minor feeling of REMEMBRANCE, if that occurs I don't condemn you, as this is much from an original g...

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