Before I start reviewing the G700 let me tell that this is one of the most anticipated reviews on Flashlightpedia for this year. My friends, our readers and thousands of forum users have been asking the same questions over and over again and nobody seems to be getting the right answers. That is why we have the decided to make this review the ultimate source of information for the famous and best-selling Lumiact G700 flashlight.

The Story Behind the G700

According to most advertisements, the G700 was originally designed for the US army.  It’s purpose was to allow soldiers to blind subjects in the dark from a large distance so they can buy an extra second or two between shootouts.

To create a tactical functionality Lumitact needed to develop a very bright beam that can be focused on an area not larger than 5 square feet. At the time there were two big obstacles stopping them; the first was fitting a powerful LED light in a hand-held flashlight and second was powering that light with a 6 volts AAA battery.

Testing with various options Lumitact realized that the only solution for creating a true blinding flashlight was to reinvent the LED diode.

And so they did.

Searching for the highest Lumen power that can fit your pocket, Lumitact patented a revolutionary LED chip. The chip consumes the same amount of power as the LED diode while being 30 times brighter.

Once they’ve solved the brightness problem, the only problem left was focusing the beam on a limited 5 square feet area while pointing it from a large distance. The key for this solution is the optical lens that works as a magnifying glass.

To make the flashlight more practical they added the focusing option so that you can adjust the beam size based on your needs.

With a powerful blinding beam that can stay alive for more than 72 continuous hours on a 6 volts battery, a version of the Lumitact G700 flashlight became the US military’s favorite toy still in use today.

However, this technology was never forbidden for public use since flashlights like these were available for sale since 2013.  Maybe not all flashlights were as powerful as the G700 but they were there, despite that, nobody was giving them as much credit as we give them today.

Brightness and Blinding Power

The G700 can reach up to 3,000 feet, however visibility on such a distance can be very poor. In order to really blind a person with it you must be 500 feet or closer.

It is very dangerous to point the G700 in someones eyes from only few feet away. I know it can be fun to do it but it can be very damaging for the eyes.

Battery & life longevity

The G700 packaging includes a free battery charger. Charging time is less than 2 hours and on a full battery you will get 4 hours of continues lighting.

If you are a security guard that doesn’t uses the flashlight so often the battery can last for weeks.

Different Light Modes

There are 3 light modes on the G700:

  • Continues light
  • Strobe light
  • SOS light

Material & Design Functionality

Made out of carbonized aluminium, the G700 is an extremely durable shock resistant flashlight that can also be used in extreme weather conditions.

Because of the military purpose, the G700 has sharp edges on top so it can also be used as a knife.

Why does it cost so much?

The original G700 by Lumitact uses a patented LED technology that no other brand can use. The carbonized aluminium material, the optical lens and the charger are just features that raise the price.

The current price for the G700 is $56 with free shipment included. The only place you can buy the G700 is from There are similar cheaper versions also available on Amazon.