The Tactical X800 flashlight by Shadowhawk is definitely the most popular among hundreds of other tactical flashlights. Shadowhawk have build their reputation with the military purpose features that no other brands were paying attention to.

It seems that most people liked the idea of owning a military technology and because of this the X800 sales are still booming today. Despite the large number of sales, most people are very skeptical about the quality of the X800 and many have refereed to it as the biggest marketing scam of the century since there many similar $11 versions on Amazon.

In this review we are going to answer why the X800 cost $56 and explain why the Amazon replicas are not worth buying. Keep reading and at the end of this review you will learn everything you need to know about the X800.

Company Background

Shadowhawk is a new California based company specialized only in making tactical flashlights. They design and assemble the flashlights in California but they get most of their parts manufactured in China. This company had its start with a government contract for producing military flashlights and in October 2015 they switched to international retail sales.

Usability & Purpose

Since the X800 is originally designed for the army, its purpose was to be a tactical blinding flashlight that can be used for self defense. The key reason why the US army found the X800 very useful was because of the laser focused beam that was allowing soldiers to disorient terrorists on night shootouts by pointing it into their eyes.

Some people are buying this flashlight mostly for self-protection because of the blinding power and the sharp edges on top and others just for eventual emergency situations.  It’s rechargeable battery and the extended longevity of it makes it a perfect alternative to all other LED flashlights that usually die after couple of minutes.

Brightness & Power

The X800 LED hardware is 800 lumen and uses a 4,2 volts AAA battery that can last for almost 4 hours with the flashlight continuously turned on. The key element to the blinding brightness is not the battery power nor the optical lens. To make the light so powerful Shadowhawk have bought a license to manufacture a new type of LED hardware that is replacing the frequently used LED diodes.

Features & Modes

  • The X800 has 5 different modes:
  • Low (wide range focus)
  • Medium (medium range focus)
  • High (spotlight focus)
  • Continuous mode
  • Strobe mode
  • SOS mode

By simply pressing the green button on the back you can easily switch from one mode to another and by expending or shrinking the top of the torch you can zoom in or zoom out the radius of the light.

What comes with the box?

  • The Shadowhawk packaging includes the folling items:
  • The X800 Torch
  • 3 4,2 volts AAA rechargeable batteries
  • A super-fast battery charger
  • Mini X800 Keychain flashlight


Discounts & Promotions

The X800 is usually priced at $224 but if you are lucky to find a discount offer you can get for $56 with free shipment included. These type of discounts are usually available on holidays and only for specific US states. Here you can check if you qualify for the 70% OFF coupon.