The technology is always expanding and one should not underestimate this progression, especially in this modern era. Technology has surrounded us from dusk till dawn. Many devices are inventing every day and making our lives easier. Here is a quick guide of 5 must have technological gadgets that you can afford.

EVO: The ultimate companion for your smartphone

This is an amazing product that is the perfect companion for your smartphone. It combines a full solution charger, battery, Bluetooth tracker, SD card reader, remote and a smart stand. EVO is the best replacement of your charging cable and adapter. It has an internal 900 MAH power bank that will give your smartphone up to 4 hours of extra battery life. EVO also has built in surge protection which will defend your smartphone from any unexpected circumstances. It has its own Micro-SD card slot which will allow you to extend your smartphone’s memory storage up to 32GB. The Bluetooth remote will also assist you in taking selfies. It has built in System On a Chip with Bluetooth Low Energy technology that will make sure you don’t lose your keys. The EVO app is there to assist you even more.

Tactical flashlight

Flashlights are always an important device in your regular life. Ordinary flashlights can only illuminate tasks but a tactical flashlight can do even more. They are the best self-defense tool right now. They are technologically advanced and their proper application will make your life easier. Tactical flashlights can emit a high lumen power up to 900 lumens. This much light can transform nights into day and can make people blind for a moment. So it is important in critical cases to blind your enemy temporarily and run away. Their hard body and sharp edges are very useful in combat. They can be used as striking tool and can break anything. Tactical flashlights are very durable and for your personal safety you should of course own one. The LumiTact G700 tactical LED flashlight is one the best flashlights in the world right now.

AMPL – World’s smartest backpack

the AMPL SmartBackpack is currently the world’s best and advanced portable charging system which is integrated directly into the fabric of a bag. You can charge all your gadgets with expanded batteries and a USB port. You can check charging process by the app on your phone. The coating of the bag is waterproof and shock absorber. So you can keep your gear and devices safe.

One home automation hub

This the world’s most advanced security and automation hub. It is called the future of smart home technology. It can control security cameras, motion sensors, smoke detectors. It can make your life simple and easier. You can control all the security devices from one product. It has several features that is specially made for the security of your home.

Universal pillow remote control

This is surprising but one of the advanced remote control which can be used for television, radio, DVD, satellite, and more. It has very soft padding which will give you a 100 percent polyester experience and it requires only 2 AAA batteries.